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Osburg is located in the recreation area "Hochwald" and in the wildlife park "Saar-Hunsrück" near to the riveris valley which holds a large water reservoir. It possesses extensive and beautiful footpaths, where one meets deer more often than a human being. An area for festivals, in the woods called "Schornstein-Wald", which contains the possibility to barbecue can be used for private and public events.

coat of arms

The coat of arms

The red cross in the silver section is the heraldic symbol of the archbishoprie and the elector state Trier, to which Osburg belonged in the Middle Ages until the end of the 19th century.
The symbolical castle reminder one of the former castle Osburg.
The three trees on the hills stand for the large forest that belongs to the municipality and point at the location at the edge of the "Osburger Hochwald".
Osburg from Northeast at May 16th 1998
Photo: Klaus Kreienkamp

In Osburg there is a catholic parish church, and elementary and extensive elementary school, a kindergarten and everything one needs for the basic requirements like a grocery stores with bakery, a butcher's shop, doctors, pharmacy, and a bank. Several restaurants provide for the physical well-being. Overnight accommodations are available, too.

A business and industrial area is located at the edge of the village. Additionally a large new housing estate is built near the center. Osburg belongs to the Verbandsgemeinde (municipality) Ruwer.

Inhabitants: 2473 (as of December 31st, 2009)
Area: 12,72 sq.mi.
Altitude: 1300 - 1650 ft
Area code: +49 - 65 00 (National: 0 65 00)
Zip Code: D-54317
Distance from Trier approximately 9 mi.

Twin-municipality: Velars-sur-Ouche (Côte-d'Or), France

reference: Wanderkarte Ruwertal+Hochwald; Herausgeber: Verbandsgemeindeverwaltung Ruwer
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